To My Friend!


This post is my for my friend Paula! I don’t think she knows or realizes the inspiration she has been to me or what an amazing woman She is! It was 5-6 months after DDay before I found the infidelity blog world and I commented on and started following many betrayed sites. She was the only one who reached out to me in a personal email and gave me encouragement and hope and told me honestly how hard it was but I would be ok. We only kept in contact by email for a short time because you know….life! She was going to school and I was drowning in my pain! But we continued to communicate through comments on her blog until I started my own blog and then she would always comment and give me support on my blog and I’m not even sure she remembered who I was on my blog because I changed my user name and that doesn’t even matter she was still there for me through all of this while she was dealing with her own pain. She is an amazing woman. I can’t understand how anyone would ever want anyone besides her, something is wrong with that man! She has shown me first hand what an awesome human being she is! Thank you Paula!


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