Drinking vs Cutting

How the fuck is drinking harmful when people do it every day, all the time! I do it very rarely! So as honest and as raw as I try to be! I have someone comment to me that drinking is harmful, I rarely drink, and when I do it actually helps! To tell me that is harmful is pure shit! When I fight every day the urge to cut! Cutting is what is actually harmful! Watch yourself before you give fucked advice you may just be the reason someone just cut their leg open!!! Did you forget the pain, did you forget where you come from?


3 thoughts on “Drinking vs Cutting

  1. There is a point when drinking that you get that buzz. When you feel good, you’re in the moment not thinking about all the shit in your life. You feel good about yourself, less inhibited.
    You can go out with your girl friends to a bar. Shoot pool badly and laugh about it while dancing around the table to music playing. You can joke and laugh (and maybe flirt – harmlessly or otherwise, let your friends know where your marriage stands so they can reel you in if necessary).

    The trick is getting to that buzz and maintaining it without moving on and getting more drunk.
    Alcohol is ultimately a depressant. If you stay to chase the great feeling you may move into (1) Stumbling, slurring drunk. This can lead to maudlin crying in beer or angry anti-men ranting. Possibly followed by puking in parking lot. (2) Passing out. Hopefully your friends have moved you to the car just prior to this, but can happen at the table, in the ladies room. Kinda ends a fun carefree night when a couple strange men have to help your friends carry you to the car. Worse (or better if you’re the vindictive type) is if the WH finds out about your bar exit). (3) Walking Zombie. The last thing you remember are the cute guys at the bar buying you and your friends shots at 11:30. But you wake up hungover and with a hand stamp from a dance club in the city, after which an old high school friend calls and mentions seeing you there at 2:30 am last night. “Was I having a good time?”

    A little drinking every now and then to forget about the grey tunnel you see stretching endlessly ahead of you and let you see that there’s still light down there – I think it’s better that prescription drugs. Or suffering.
    If you end up drinking alone, every day, til you pass out – you may need to talk to someone. You are seriously depressed. Next step is sometimes suicide.
    Or if you wind up getting to (1) (2) but especially (3) above, alcohol may not be the best coping mechanism. (If you’re at (3), seek help – you’ve got a problem. Been there done that.)

    I think BB is right. Other coping mechanisms can be much worse.
    Cutting often becomes more destructive as the mental and emotional pain becomes harder to handle. Anorexia begins as a way to gain some control over a life beyond their control. Illegal drugs (coke, heroin) offer much quicker relief than prescription anti-depressants.


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