I apologize

I just wrote a post apologizing for my behavior when I had a nervous breakdown and it didn’t post. So if it decides to show up and this is seen I apologize for the double post! I apologize if I worried anyone, that was not my intention, I had a bad trigger and freaked out and decided to take a break from infidelity which hasn’t helped. I love you all and appreciate/ need the support, I miss you all and hope you had A great Christmas!


20 thoughts on “I apologize

    1. Love you more! So sorry you are hurting I wish I could take away your pain I love you to the moon and back! I can’t believe I love someone so much I have never met! I hate he has done this to you, you don’t deserve it, I see the awesome woman in you, I understand the cutting too, I thought about it for years after DDay and only recently started doing it but it only helps for a few minutes UGH!

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