So Much To Say

December was so busy, so much has happened, so much I need to get out and I don’t know where to begin.

So I think I will begin with our week long trip to the mountains. It was a good, relaxing trip but something was really off. It was different from all our other vacations and I have been trying to justify it for the better but I’m not sure it was. We both slept a lot which is no big deal, that’s what vacation is for right? To rest? And in all reality, we both needed the rest, I haven’t slept much since DDay and before the trip he was busy for a few weeks with long hard days getting everything in order to be able to take off for the week so we were tired and needed to sleep. But something was really different this time, we slept in everyday, had our coffee then headed out for the day. We would find something to keep us busy for a few hours, eat an early dinner, which we ate Good everyday 🙂 then head back to the cabin And just watch tv and fall asleep.  There were a couple of nights we got back out to ride around and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights. 

But normally we are out and about all day exploring, having fun, get back to the cabin later in the evening, play pool, get in the hot tub, fool around and get in the bed late and need to sleep in. We didn’t even get in the hot tub all week! I’m afraid we are getting back in to routine or boredom but even before DDay we lived it up on vacation. So something was wrong. I just can’t put my finger on it. 

We did have a few really good days! The day we arrived was a beautiful day, blue sky’s and the sun shining, 70degrees , we made good time and got there at 3 and still had plenty of time in the day! We got to our cabin, put our bags away and checked everything out, such a beautiful cabin with an awesome view and I didn’t  even get a picture! Then we went in to town to my favorite pizza place and ate pizza on the patio and we were the only ones there! In December eating outside! It was a nice date night. Then we went shopping, I wanted to get a new pair of black boots because mine had tore up, oh the hubby had gave me several hundred dollars to spend for my birthday while I was on vacation so I got to shop for a couple of days 🙂 anyway, we had a good evening, got back to cabin and relaxed 😎 

The next day he took me to all the Christmas stores so I could shop for some new white ornaments and I found a lot of unique pretty stuff. I got a beautiful pair of white glitter angel wings about 6” long and they are just beautiful, I placed them up towards the top of the tree and they look so pretty! 

A couple of days we just got out and started driving to see if we could find the back roads in this tourist town and WE DID! (After all these years!) So now when we go in the busier season it will be so much easier to get around! So actually that was exciting for us lol….because we have gotten stuck in traffic a few times and it really sucked but that won’t ever happen again because we found several alternative routes! 

I have got to rambling, I was wanting to make this post about how something felt off about vacation and I don’t think I made that clear, I don’t guess I can explain it, normally there’s more excitement and intimacy than there was, it just wasn’t there this time, I don’t know what it was?? The weather did get much colder after the 2nd day there,  not as much to do as when we are there in the warmer months, things close earlier, it gets dark earlier, and it was just like neither of us knew what we wanted to do, we just weren’t that in to it, so I honestly don’t know but I was so disappointed, I was hoping for something more, hoping for a miracle I guess or at least a spark – this just hadn’t  been a good year for my emotions and the aftermath of his affair! I was hoping a romantic week alone in the mountains at Christmas time would help! I guess I don’t want to point the finger at him, but he just didn’t seem into it, he seemed tired and distant and didn’t care what we did, he was just along for the ride and that’s not what I’m looking for! 

The pictures I have attached are a view from one of our scenic drives 


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