Hey y’all! I have decided to start a blog due to not healing from my husbands affair. It has been 4 years now since I found out about his infidelity and I am not healing very well. It still feels like yesterday to me it does not in any way feel like it has been 4 years. So I thought if I started writing about it, it may help because nothing else has worked. We both have tried everything and I am still stuck in this mess and the constant thoughts and triggers are with me always.

His affair was with my friend and neighbor of many years. They had sex all over the neighborhood, in empty houses, in our neighbors homes when they weren’t home and of course in her home as well as mine. So my home and this neighborhood is a constant reminder. There is a whole lot to my story and I guess I will get it all out eventually as I blog.

Welcome to my blog but if you have found me I am afraid its because you have found out your spouse has been cheating and I hate you are here, my thoughts are with you. You are dealing with the worst trauma you will ever deal with and its a long hard road but you are not alone! Sending all my betrayed friends love, hugs and healing (( ))


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